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  • Barry Singleton

Nexus Business Barometer

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Recently, Nexus Leeds surveyed over 100 startup businesses across the Yorkshire region, including the Nexus community, to find out their current confidence levels and the hurdles they're facing when it comes to surviving and thriving in today’s economy.

The findings of the survey provided real insights into the business community and so they wanted to share these to help businesses navigate the current climate. They’ve compiled this work into the Nexus Business Barometer – a report looking at the key challenges facing startups right now, with practical guides and advice from our region’s experts about how to overcome them.

They’ve also looked at the role of innovation in accelerating growth and safeguarding a company’s future, and how startups can use innovation to capitalise on the ever-changing external environment.

They'll also be holding a virtual event with Yorkshire Business Insider on Thursday 3rd December, where a panel of regional experts will be discussing the main themes from the report and offering their insights and advice to startups.

Register for the event here:



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