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Improving population health with a positive effect on the bottom line

Healthcare payers need a data and analytics strategy to drive competition, build offers and engage customers. Traditional health care payer business models are under pressure, accelerating the need to modernize operations, improve member experience and advance digital transformation.

What SI has to offer

Scaled Insights provides end-to-end analytics and data solution designed to help organizations like employers, health plans, brokers and consultants manage population health and healthcare program performance.


Helping industry bottom line through an improved healthcare system

Improved engagement and behavior change will improve outcomes in the health system.


Solutions to effectively address hospital re-admissions

We can help payers address the issue of hospital re-admissions through understanding patients personalities and to drive behavior change in crucial therapeutic areas with constant re-admissions.


Improving patient engagement, adherence, and compliance in therapeutic areas where these are traditionally low

Behavior change in many therapeutic areas is crucial.  We focus on understanding patients personalities within these therapeutic areas to improve behavior change.

How you can benefit


Less Hospitalizations 

Addressing rehospitalizations with effective communication.


Effective Patient Communication

Improving follow-up with patients and improved outcomes.


Better Outcomes via Effective Treatment

Improving clinician knowledge of patients personalities, helps to positively affect engagement, adherence, and compliance. This can lead to improved outcomes and healthcare savings.


Ready to improve your bottom line? 

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