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Life Sciences

Drive awareness and adoption at the point of care for your pharmaceutical and medical devices using SI’s suite of solutions.

Scaled Insights enables product, innovation, and marketing teams to be able to provide value to doctors and health systems, to improve and or increase the use and adoption of their products.


What SI has to offer

Helping to motivate patients and the general public to better prevent and manage health conditions, such as compliance with treatment plans.


Improve adherence to medications and recommended behavior change

Through Scaled Insights Behavioral AI, we can better understand patient behavior specific to uptake and adherence, that may reduce the benefits of your product for patient outcomes, and hindering the full effectiveness of your product line. We then provide specific engagement and effective “nudge” solutions that can be implemented.


Ensure patients are following doctors recommended treatment plan

Scaled Insights works with the Life Sciences to provide clinically validated and effective nudges for clinicians to use with their patients for effective behavior change.


Improve the process of patient procedures

Understanding each patient’s personality as it relates to motivation is critical. Through the use of Behavioral AI, you can improve process effectiveness where patients follow recommended and prescribed procedures.”

How you can benefit


Increase Awareness

Through Behavioral AI solutions, we can help to improve awareness of your innovations at the point of care to clinicians for use with their patients. 


Empower Your Teams

Give your field reps the tools they need to educate and engage customers both in person and online. 


Improve Knowledge Base

Utilize analytics to gain real-time insights and enhance decision making in commercial and medical affairs.


Let us help you get to the next level of patient care

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