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Health Systems

Improve health system initiatives...and your bottom line

Scaled Insights assists doctors and admin to decrease the number of patient re-admissions to the emergency department, through improved communication with patients that leads to better engagement, adherence to treatment recommendations such as use of medications, service attendance and use of devices.


What SI has to offer

Helping doctors, clinicians, and admin solve issues in the health system.


Improve engagement and communication with patients 

Helping patients following treatment recommendations such as adherence to medications or health-related behaviors.


Assisting doctors and admin to decrease number of patient re-admissions 

Helping to decrease the number of patient re-admissions to the emergency department through improved engagement and communication with patients.


Helping clinicians involved in clinical studies

Working with health systems and clinicians to improve the clinical study process.

How you can benefit


Decreasing Re-hospitalization 

Understanding the patient personality to drive behavior change as a means of reducing patient re-admission is crucial.  Through the use of Behavioral AI, we can help improve engagement with real behavior change.


Improve Quality Measures

Focus on improved behavior change within crucial quality measures.


Increase Patient Satisfaction Scores

Using our Behavioral AI, we can support you to understand and implement changes that can lead to improve patient satisfaction.


Ready to improve your systems?

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