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  • Barry Singleton

Leeds Students Are Extending Reality Virtually on August 1st

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Leeds Extended Reality Society is a student formed group from the University of Leeds with the aim to build a university-wide platform for students, academics and external organisations to collaborate, innovate and shape the future of extended reality. We’re thrilled to be able to sponsor a giveaway prize at their launch event on August 1st.

‘The Creative Applications of XR’ virtual conference is a day packed with speakers across the digital world, Q&A sessions, interactive polls and an exciting Oculus Go giveaway, sponsored by Scaled Insights.

The day is also acting as a platform to promote internships, student-lead XR projects and upcoming events.

Speakers include surgeon Professor Shafi Ahmed, award winning artist Rosie Summers, and Professor Mark Mon Williams from the Centre for Immersive Technologies within the University.

Sign up and join them online and stay up to date through their website and social media.

Eventbrite: Website: Facebook:



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