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  • Barry Singleton

MIT-Reaping What We Sew in Leeds

Our CEO was honoured to have been invited to deliver a talk at the MIT-REAP Gala Dinner at the iconic Civic Hall in Leeds on Wednesday 29th January.

Stuart talked about his journey to Leeds from Toronto, spinning Scaled Insights out of IMC and the reasons behind setting up Scaled Insights in the UK, and specifically in Leeds, thanks to the city's vibrant financial services and health & social care ecosystems.

MIT REAP is designed for high-level teams selected from regions dedicated to working alongside MIT faculty over a 2-year period to drive innovation-driven entrepreneurship in their city, region or country. Regional teams of 5-8 leaders drawn from 5 stakeholder groups (government, risk capital, universities, entrepreneurs, and corporations) work collectively with one another, with others from their region, with MIT thought leaders and with other teams to build an action-based strategy for change.



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