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Dr Stuart Flint Appointed by Public Health England

Scaled Insights' President, Dr Stuart Flint, has been appointed as an Honorary Public Health England Academic for two years. Dr Flint, who retains an academic position as Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of Leeds, is most known for his research into understanding, measuring and, where relevant, intervening with subconscious thought processes that govern behaviour change.

Extensively published in high impact journals, including The Lancet, for his work on understanding Obesity and Weight Stigma, more recently Dr Flint's contributions to researching people's attitudes, thoughts and behaviours relating to COVID-19 resulted in him being appointed to the Leeds Track and Trace advisory board.

For Stuart's Researchgate profile click here

Dr Stuart Flint is an Associate Professor of the Psychology of Obesity at the University of Leeds, with his primary areas of work related to understanding, measuring and intervening with conscious and unconscious cognitions and where appropriate, applying these to behaviour change.Dr Flint is also is the President of Scaled Insights, an artificial intelligence company based at the University of Leeds.He is also a Director of the charity Obesity UK.

Dr Flint has a background in psychology with a specific interest in the psychosocial effects of obesity; in particular weight stigmatisation and discrimination. His research has highlighted weight stigma and discrimination in adult and child populations, across various settings, the potential impact on people with overweight and obesity, and he develops interventions to reduce weight stigma attitudes and discriminatory behaviours. Dr Flint has led action on reducing weight stigma and discrimination internationally including work with Government, healthcare and media organisations.

Dr Flint is a contributor to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity and All-Party Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood Group. His work has been featured in several reports including an inquiry in to ‘the current landscape of obesity services

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