Applying Personality 

to Big Data

"Big data is all about Past Actions predicting Future Actions if you want to influence those actions you need to examine MOTIVATIONS - they are driven by Personality!"
~ Stuart Sherman, CEO
*SoftWatch April 2014

Scaled Insights has specific solutions in three major verticals with more to come! 


We are currently working with several large Banks to apply our technology to better understand Consumers and their motivations. We'd be happy to tell you more - Please reach out to us for Case Studies. 

Health Care

We are working with both National and Regional Health care providers to help them better understand their stakeholders, both in terms of how to serve them better and in how to facilitate better outcomes.


Identifying, monitoring and facilitating the correct behaviours are key to managing staff. Scaled Insights can provide tools to measure employees' personality attributes with numbers instead of impressions - best of all we can do it without forcing your staff to fill out long questionnaires which are prone to "Response Biases"


Scaled Insights


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