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Behavioral AI
Drives Better Outcomes

Our Artificial Intelligence helps clinicians understand their patients' personalities and deliver personalized coaching towards healthier behaviors like, drug adherence, & lifestyle changes


How It Works

Scaled Insights empowers medical professionals to support patients to adhere to health promoting behaviors

An example of how our AI can be used


QR initiated mobile survey in waiting room

  • Patient answers brief, 2-minute survey, providing natural language

  • We process their use of adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns

  • This results in a mathematical cluster of personality which is used to predict behaviors and outcomes


Correlate personality “Nudge” clusters

  • Information correlated and compared across clusters

  • Identification of motivations for each personality type cluster


Share information with health care team

  • SI interprets behavioral data to provide personalized messaging

  • Behavior change messaging is shared with healthcare team

  • Patients are “nudged” to make beneficial lifestyle choices

Meeting the specific needs of multiple healthcare segments


Life Sciences (Pharma/Med Devices):

For product and marketing teams to provide their customers (Doctors and Health Systems), with methods to improve and/or increase the use of their products.


Health Systems:

For clinicians attempting to solve issues involved in clinical studies, improve health system initiatives, and reduce costs.



For large insurance companies attempting to improve healthcare with a positive effect on their bottom line.

"...people’s personalities can be predicted automatically and without involving human social-cognitive skills..."

 - Youyou, Kosinski, and Stillwell

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - 2015

Behavioral AI

for a Healthier Future

With ageing populations, pandemics, and increasing resistance to antibiotics, healthcare systems have never been under so much pressure. There is an acute need for a new revolution in medicine. That’s why adding personalities to big data sets, to influence people to make better health-related decisions, is so important.

Our Collaborative Partners


Work with us

If you are a healthcare practitioner, researcher or associated with the pharmaceutical or insurance  industries and would like to learn more about what we do, feel free to read some of our case studies, or reach out to us through our contact form.

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