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  • Barry Singleton

Cambridge Judge Business School's Out for Autumn

Scaled Insights' management team has just completed their executive education with Cambridge Judge Business School, sponsored by Barclays Digital Eagles Labs.

Barclays launched the Barclays Scale Up UK Programme, co-designed by Cambridge Judge Business School, in 2017 to address core growth challenges for businesses.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the course was taught entirely online and participants were coached towards developing a robust and resilience growth strategy, and Scaled Insights wishes to thank Anne Marieke Ezendam for her incredibly valuable input throughout.

The course leads the participating teams through a journey, in which they address six core themes that are key to growth: targeting a clear strategic positioning, understanding customers (marketing), finding an economic mechanism for growth, strengthening processes so they can scale (operational excellence), building talent that allows the organisation to grow (recruitment), and finding the capital to grow (funding).

The programme aims to drive growth while supporting the role of the leadership team and provides exposure to peer CEOs to share best practice and provide a benchmark. Up to 20 leadership teams will be selected for the programme.

“From talking to our clients, we recognise there is a knowledge gap when it comes to leadership skills, especially for ambitious businesses growing at speed and we see this partnership with Cambridge Judge as an opportunity to help bridge this gap for our clients and to further cement our commitment to supporting the eco-system beyond traditional banking,” said Richard Heggie, Head of High-Growth and Entrepreneurs at Barclays.

For Cambridge Judge, the course is led by Professor Stelios Kavadias and Hanadi Jabado of the School’s Entrepreneurship Centre, supported by other industry experts and thought leaders, including a dedicated team of coaches associated with the Entrepreneurship Centre.

Watch this space to see the outcomes!



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