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Regional Finals in the KPMG Best of British Tech Awards

Scaled Insights will battle against 17 other Northern Start Ups in Manchester on 16th January.

Regional heat winners progress to the National Finals in London in February, with 6 lucky companies then taking the stage at 4YFN at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later that month.

Design the Algorithms

The existing paradigms for the development of new systems are deeply flawed. Companies tend to develop new systems thinking about incremental improvement, but fail to consider how the new systems will actually augment the humans who will use them. Using today’s advancements in Artificial Intelligence, and the Psychology of Human Perception, we can develop systems that truly augment peoples’ ability to understand and better process data so they are empowered to work smarter and better. This is Innovation, not improvement!

Build Acceptance of the New System

New systems, no matter how great, are useless unless they work in Human Terms. Often, companies will reach out to us after they’ve implemented a new system that simply isn’t delivering on its promise. IMC has specific expertise in analysing the “why’s” of adoption, and the Organizational Behaviour behind the pathways to adoption and implementation of new business processes.


We’ve done pioneering work in the fields of Financial, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, Manufacturing and Marketing, designing the approaches, processes, methodologies and messages needed to enable an organization to embrace new tools and derive maximum benefit from them.


We don’t just stop here, we actually START here – when we design new systems, we contemplate how they will be rolled out, sold-in, and adopted because if those thoughts are not part of the design from square one, then it is always more challenging to get the new systems accepted.


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