Applying Personality
to Big Data

Providing technologies to better understand consumer motivations, stakeholder expectations and staff personality attributes, producing positive results for you and your organization.




Scaled Insights provides solutions in three major verticals with more to come! 

Fin Tech 

We are currently working with several large banks to apply our technology to better understand consumers and their motivations.  We review the demand and supply of market response models and we highlight areas of future growth.

Health Care

We work with both national and regional health care providers helping them better understand their stakeholders, in terms of how to serve them more effectively and how to facilitate better outcomes.  We help  public health authorities and charities understand how to communicate with people about protecting themselves from health care concerns such as COVID19.

Human Resources

Identifying, monitoring and facilitating the correct behaviors are key factors to managing positive and productive staff.  Scaled Insights provides the tools to measure employees' personality attributes with numbers instead of impressions - best of all, we do it without forcing staff to fill out long questionnaires which are prone to "Response Biases".

Applying our technology to better understand consumer motivations, Scaled Insights Behavioral AI extracts a variety of text and user characteristics from anonymized language samples increasing the performance of Marketing Response Models.
"Big data is all about Past Actions predicting Future Actions if you want to influence those actions you need to examine MOTIVATIONS - they are driven by Personality!"
~ Stuart Sherman, CEO
*SoftWatch April 2014

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Marketing Response Model Improvement using Behavioural AI 

Project partners: Nationwide Building Society 


Context: Nationwide Building Society is a British mutual financial institution, and the largest building society in the world with over 15 million members.  It offers a wide variety of financial products.

Challenge: Most Marketing Response Models do not take into account the personal characteristics of individual customers; these characteristics are critical for Personalisation, which is known to drive success. Such information could be collected (e.g. personality questionnaire) but places a burden on the user. In order to remove that burden, there is a need for automatic extraction of linguistic and psychological characteristics from users from text samples. Scaled Insights’ Behavioural AI tools can do this! 


Aims: To use natural language responses from a customer survey to predict responses to a selection of marketing campaigns so a predictive model can be built to drive Personalisation. 


Project so far: Scaled Insights’ Behavioural AI was able to extract a variety of text and user

characteristics from  anonymised language samples. The predictive models which used these characteristics significantly outperformed the non-text baseline model and doubled the correct identification of customers who responded positively to campaigns. This means that Scaled Insights’ segmentation model using linguistic and psychological characteristics derived by our Behavioural AI from customer panel text samples can increase the performance of Marketing Response Models.