We're helping the health organizations improve patient compliance in adopting the recommendations of their healthcare providers by;
  • ​​Defining behavioral clusters
  • Understanding human motivations
  • Personalizing communication and nudges
  • Better communicating health and wellness

Scaled Insights started with an introduction to IBM's fledgling Watson Solutions.  We quickly learned the power of Watson AI and specifically the Personality Insights Engine it once contained. This began an exciting journey that has taken several years and millions of dollars as we've worked with both the IBM Team as well as our own group of PhDs, Data Scientists, Psychologists, Linguists and other Industry Experts to design our very own AI solution, which we call... - We invented it!

"...people’s personalities can be predicted automatically and without involving human social-cognitive skills..."

Youyou, Kosinski, and Stillwell -
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Behavioural AI for a Healthier Future

With ageing populations, the pandemic, and increasing resistance to antibiotics, healthcare systems have never been under so much pressure. Almost a century on from the discovery of penicillin, there is an acute need for a new revolution in medicine. That’s where adding personalities to Big Data Sets in order to influence people to make better health-related decisions is so important.  


It may be natural to question whether a computer can know a human. The truth is research shows that computer-based personality judgements are in fact more accurate than those made by humans*.