We've created a new form of AI:



Scaled Insights started with IMC's introduction to IBM's fledgling Watson Solutions. IMC became IBM Watson's first and Lead Partner for Canada and the Caribbean. We quickly learned the power of Watson AI and specifically the Personality Insights Engines that Watson contained. This began an exciting journey that has taken several years and millions of dollars as we've worked with both the IBM Team as well as our own group of PhDs, Data Scientists, Psychologists, Linguists and other Industry Experts to design our own AI solution, which we call "Behavioural AI". 

Behavioural AI can reduce the language that all humans produce to communicate with each other down to personality profiles that include "Big Five" personality attributes as well as "Thinking Styles". These define how people see the world and determines how people receive and process information to make choices influence behaviour.

We are currently building solutions for some of the worlds' largest corporations, helping them to better:

  • Communicate to people about their health and wellness

  • Personalising communications and nudges

  • Define behavioural clusters

  • Understand what motivates humans to make decisions and choices

We're enjoying the journey, adding Personality to Big Data Sets, and we'd love to talk to you more about how you can leverage Behavioural AI in your business to provide a more thorough understanding of your stakeholders, customers, and staff so you can grow your ROI.



Don't be shy, give it a try


Try our Scaled Insights Behavioural AI and find out what your "Big Five" personality profile and "Thinking Style" is. We built a demo you can try right here.